About Me

Thank you for the visit and welcome to the small space that I have on the web. Please make yourself comfortable and have a look around and do leave some comments/feedback on what you see if you could spare the time.

I am trying to be regular with the posts on the two blogs here - one in English and another in Malayalam. If you notice something in whatever you read in these blogs, that shouldn't have been, I would appreciate it very much if you would kindly point it out to me. Encouraging comments and helpful tips are also much appreciated, as I see myself as a nervous beginner in this original-writing front.

Apart from these, I have some photos on flickr that I have posted there over the last 4 years. Haven't been able to click any photos recently for the lack of a camera. Am waiting for the savings for my next camera, to pile up to the price for the brand(s) and model(s) I have in my mind.

I like to read books on a varied range of topics in English and Malayalam and have been meaning to put up a post with the list of books I have read, liked and always-wanted-to-read and all. There are services now on the social networking sites, but none have been good enough yet for my liking and linking here.

I also watch a lot of movies and listen to my genres of music whenever I am by myself. Malayalam, English, Tamil and Hindi movies are what I try to follow in that order and there are no specific genres that I would stick to. I listen to a few selected Rock/Metal artists, Malayalam film music, Indian classical music, and Original Motion Picture Scores from the movies I love.

Spirituality has also been something that always fascinates my mind, and I became aware of this after reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. Have tried to read quite a few books on spirituality/philosophy since then, but has observed that original stuff that moves the reader is rare get on this topic.

If you'd like, you could hook up with me on Twitter (@menonHari) and on Facebook (menonHari)

Thanks once again for the visit. Hope I would see you here again. Have a good one. :o)